Desert Island Disc-o: Anna Jordan, James Grieve, Harriet Bolwell

As POP MUSIC has just kicked off its nationwide tour, we asked members of our POP MUSIC creative team to each come up with their three Desert Island Pop Discs. Their answers have been trickling in – talk about buried treasure! We’ve even created our own Spotify Playlist to keep spirits popping in the tour-mobile.

This week we have writer Anna Jordan, Director James Grieve and Assistant Producer Harriet Bolwell.


Anna Jordan:

All About Tonight – Pixie Lott

The ultimate feel-good floor filler with hedonism at its heart. Contains the iconic lyric “Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter When You’re Moving Your Feet”. Which means waking up face down in a kebab is fine.

Africa – Toto

A genuine thing of beauty. The eighties rock classic that keeps on giving.

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer 

What can I say? The riff, the trousers, the dance… Sadly I didn’t master the “Running Man” until I was 27 and by that point no one cared.


James Grieve:

 Losing My Religion – REM

The soundtrack to car journeys as a kid, turned up loud on the car stereo or blasted through those terrible old foam headphones from my Sony Walkman. It is impossible not to sing along to this song.

This Is The One – The Stone Roses

They may be a fusion of punk and rave cultures but the Stone Roses wrote belting pop tunes, and no more so than this blissful, soaring, ecstatic hymn to living life to the absolute max. Always the last song I played before going out as a teenager. Immerse me in your splendour.

All That She Wants – Ace of Base

I had to have a guilty pleasure, and this is as good as Euro Pop can ever get.


Harriet Bolwell:

Modern Love – David Bowie

Can’t listen to this song enough.

Believe – Cher

The love this song receives every time it’s played know no limits.

Time After Time – Cindy Lauper

Full dance routines accompany this song.


Spotify Playlist here:


We’ll be back next week with choice tunes from our lighting designer Tanya Stephenson, Production Manager Ben Pavey and Movement Director Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster.



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