Farewell 43 Aldwych

We’ve climbed the endless staircase to the Fourth Floor for the last time. Never again will a famous playwright get stuck in that lift. Never again will we be able to say ‘back to ours’ after a few too many at The Nell. Never again will we direct lost and confused actors to the ‘brown door next to the sign that says VERY GOOD COFFEE.’

Do you have any fond (or otherwise) memories to share about 43 Aldwych? Comment below and we’ll add them to our list of Fourth Floor Folklore.

  • 43 Aldwych has housed many auspicious occupants. It used to be Binkie Beaumont’s office back in the day. Sarah Kane’s office is now our meeting room.
  • Simon Stephens is amongst the many unfortunates to have been stuck in the rickety lift which dates from 1905 and is affectionately known as “the coffin” due to its cosy dimensions.
  • The toilet used to be in the kitchen.
  • The dirty blue carpet in our rehearsal room has soaked up many things from sloshed mulled wine at legendary Christmas parties to the sweat of innumerable extraordinary actors who have rehearsed there. If it could only speak to tell its secrets.


You can now find us on the Second Floor, 10 Leake Street, SE1 7NN (very trendy).

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