19 October – 01 November, At Home.

Introducing the second of our two major digital projects conceived during lockdown.

Spanning across Instagram, Zoom, email,WhatsApp, phone and good old-fashioned post, THE PLACE I CALL HOME is a two-week digital festival of new work that you can access and engage with from the comfort of your own home.

Headlining the festival are three bilingual international collaborations, commissioned in March at the start of lockdown to connect writers and theatres across Europe during a time of isolation. A BRIEF HISTORY OF STRUGGLE by Dipo Barruwas-Etti and Calle Fuhr will be delivered in 5-minute snapshots over the course of the first six days of the festival via WhatsApp. IN TANDEM by Travis Alabanza and Magdalena Zarębska-Wegrzyn will be delievered over the course of the second week via personalised email from the writers, and POSTA AEREA by Giuditta Mingucci and Rosie MacPherson will be delievered via post and will take place throughout the day on Sunday 01 November.

Alongside the three collaborations there will be free online workshops for new actors, writers, directors and producers, including Open Auditions for actors currently unrepresented by agents, and open access Q&A’s with nationally celebrated playwrights.

This could be our biggest tour yet. Come and join us, we’ll see you at home.


19 – 25 October / A BRIEF HISTORY OF STRUGGLE by Dipo Baruwata-Etti (UK) and Calle Fuhr (Dortmund, Germany)

Spanning from 1928 to 2020 across England and Germany and set against the backdrop of world-changing events, six short stories of hope and endurance invite you on a journey through space and time.

Dipo Baruwa-Etti and Calle Fuhr have collaborated across borders during lockdown to bring you this series with a UK-based cast of final year students from Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Sign up with your phone number to receive daily links over six days via WhatsApp inviting you into five-minute snapshots of imagined conversations between ordinary people in both London, UK and Dortmund, Germany.

Please note we will be compliant with all GDPR standards, and your number will be deleted once the six days are over.

26 October – 01 November / IN TANDEM by Travis Alabanza (UK) and Magdalena Zarębska-Wegrzyn (Krakow, Poland)

From online Drag Queen Zumba lessons, to keeping plants alive to a drastic lack of PPE a mother and daughter try to maintain their relationship via regular Zoom calls from their separate London homes.

Meanwhile, a Polish couple stuck in the same home navigate their way through lockdown. He sees it as something to be endured or passed. She sees it as an opportunity for positive thinking, learning, and bettering herself. Will they ever be able to meet in the middle?

Sign up with your email address to receive your personal invites to gain an insight into these two couples’ lives over the course of a week.

A Paines Plough and Theater Ludowy production.

Sunday 01 November / POSTA AEREA by Giuditta Mingucci and Rosie MacPherson

Aisha and Tania met on a beautiful Italian beach when they were 14 and 17, respectively. A year on in and living between Sheffield and Riccione, they re-connect as pen pals over lockdown to reach across borders and share the joys and pains of being a teenager in a pandemic.

Sign up with your home address and receive a bespoke package created by our two characters who will guide you through their plan to reconnect and ultimately meet up on that beach once again when this is all over. 

Produced with Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale in Milan, and Stand & Be Counted Theatre.

Workshop schedule:

All workshops and Q&As will take place via Zoom.

19 October / CROSSING FORM WITH STORY-TELLING – A workshop on story-telling, focusing on eliminating barriers around being a writer and offering insight into how writers can connect with Paines Plough with Charlotte and Katie

20 October / A panel discussion led by Deafinitely Theatre

21 October / Re-Assemble Panel – A chance for portential Re-Assemble applicants to find out more about the programme, hosted by the PP team.

22 October / Re-Build – A chance for companies interested in applying for the Re-Build programme to find out more about what it is and why we’re doing it.

23 and 26 October / Open Auditions for unrepresented actors – As part of the digital festival Paines Plough will also hold Open Auditions on Zoom to meet actors previously unknown to Paines Plough and, this time, specifically actors who are unrepresented by agents. As ever, the auditions are not for a particular production and applications for auditions will open on Tuesday 06 October and close on Tuesday 13 October.

28 October / A session on applying to jobs in the arts with Paines Plough Trainee Director Kaleya Baxe

29 October / Producing Workshop on how to self-produce as an artist and how to work with independent artists with PP Prioducer Matt Maltby.

Charlotte and Katie said:

‘At the start of lockdown none of us anticipated the enormity of the impact that these times would have on each and every one of us. This unimagined world we now live in has highlighted that there is no same experience for anyone. This playful new digital festival celebrates difference; sharing how this time has been for different artists across Europe as well as allowing us to experiment with how we can create different theatrical digital experiences to continue to tell stories. It allows us to shine a light on the incredible artists we have worked with during these turbulent times as well as to continue to reach out to meet new artists to work with in the future. We so proud to share these international collaborations that have enabled us to use storytelling to cross borders and barriers and we are excited to throw open our digital doors to meet new theatre artists through our workshop programme.’  

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